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Glorious Boy
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"The most memorable and original novel I've read in ages… evokes every side in a multi-cultural conversation with sympathy and rare understanding."

  Pico Iyer, author of Autumn Light


Good Housekeeping's "Best Books of 2020"

"For readers who are unafraid to be swept away."
Starred review, Booklist
"Riveting... a fascinating, irresistible marvel."
Starred review, Library Journal

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A tale of war and devotion, longing and loss, and the power of love to prevail…

“Reminiscent of the tone and atmosphere of Somerset Maugham and George Orwell’s Asia-set novels, Glorious Boy is a Second World War story of adventure and loss, uniquely set in the Andaman Islands, one of India’s farthest flung territories” – Asian Review of Books

It’s 1942. The Japanese have invaded Burma and are closing in on India. After five years in the remote Andaman Islands, aspiring anthropologist Claire Durant and her husband Shep, a civil surgeon, must evacuate with their beloved but mysteriously mute four-year-old, Ty. They cannot, however, take Naila, the local girl whose ability to communicate with Ty has made them dangerously dependent on her. The morning of the evacuation, both children disappear. With time running out, Shep forces Claire onto the ship while he stays behind to find their son. But just days after landing in Calcutta, Claire learns that the Japanese have taken the Andamans—and cut off all access to her missing family. In the desperate odyssey that follows, Claire, Shep, and Naila will all take unimaginable risks while drawing deeply from their knowledge of these unique islands to save their beloved “glorious boy.”


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Flash House
SKU: 9780446691215

A suspenseful novel of rescue and redemption set in Central Asia at the start of the Cold War, featuring two unforgettable heroines whose fates are irrevocably intertwined. 

FLASH HOUSE was published in Warner hardcover in 2/03, and became a "Los Angeles Times bestseller. With its phenomenal characterizations and exotic setting, FLASH HOUSE won raves in publications, including the "Los Angeles Times, Booklist, and a starred review in "Publishers Weekly, among others.
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Cloud Mountain
SKU: 9780446519878

Based on the true story of Liu's grandparents, Cloud Mountain recounts the romance of a Chinese scholar-revolutionary and his American bride, from turn-of-the-century San Francisco through China's Warlord period and into WWII.

Defying the taboos of early twentieth-century California, American Hope Newfield and Leong Po-yo, an aristocratic Chinese man, fall in love and move to China to raise a family, but their love is tested by prejudice, revolution, conflicting loyalties, anddifferent traditions
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SKU: 9780446518291

Aimee Liu crosses continents and generations from New York's Chinatown to pre-war Shanghai to follow a young woman's search for identity as she struggles to unravel a twisted skein of family lies. Aimee Liu's multicultural world is filled with violent nightmares, the stealthy movements of Asian gangs, and the furtive liaisons of lovers divided by irreconcilable differences of culture, history, and heart.
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