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Pathos and Bathos in “The Crown”

Pathos and Bathos in “The Crown”
by Aimee Liu
Discovering the royal keys to addictive drama
1 : an element in experience or in artistic representation evoking pity or compassion
2 : an emotion of sympathetic pity
1 : an abrupt, presumably unintended juxtaposition of the exalted and the commonplace, producing a ludicrous effect
2 : insincere or overdone pathos : sentimentalism

Is Your Child a Late Talker? The reason might be Einstein Syndrome

by Aimee Liu
Most late talkers do not have autism.Alas, this distinction is often lost on doctors and other clinicians who diagnose autism without fully exploring other possible causes of speech delay-- like Einstein Syndrome. This error can lead to needless pain and heartache for families of bright, healthy children whose late talking is actually a sign of mental precocity in mathematical, musical, and analytic thinking.