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Your 2020 Year-end Lockdown List for Book Groups!

Happy December!
I’m writing with gratitude and a holiday gift in the spirit of this extraordinary season
First, thank you for reading and supporting authors and booksellers in this year of chaos. As you know, the pandemic has made it tougher than ever for writers to connect with readers. Your online reader reviews and word-of-mouth recommendations have never been more powerful or valuable. And if you belong to a book group, you are playing an even greater role than you may know in the publishing ecosystem.
My fellow authors and I want to reward you.
I belong to a fabulous and diverse group of 2020 authors. We call ourselves Lockdown Literature, or Lockies for short, and we’ve launched a “share the wealth” campaign to introduce you to some of the many authors who would love to visit your group, either virtually or (when permissible) in person, in 2021. 
As our gift to you, we’ve compiled a list of these authors, whose books include Young Adult Literature, Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction, along with links to their websites and a brief description of each title. You can check out and download the list HERE. Should you wish to invite any of these authors to make a virtual visit to your group, please write to them using the contact supplied in the list.
There is no charge for these visits. All we ask is that, if possible, your group members each purchase a copy of the book to be discussed. To make it easy, many of these titles are linked to online booksellers. It would be great if you could buy the books from independent booksellers, whose livelihood also has been endangered by the pandemic, but the choice is up to you.
It would be wonderful, too, if your members could post reader reviews on sites like GoodReads, Amazon, Barnes&Noble. This is especially important if you find a book you love. Word of mouth is the lifeblood of the publishing world, and without friends gathering to chat in person, we need those online reader reviews more than ever!
We also invite you to please share this list with other friends and book groups you may know. Feel free to post the list’s link:  
...on social media. There is no central way to reach all book groups, so we depend on cross-pollination.
All of us Lockies are so grateful to you for reading and sharing your passion for literature. I hope you will meet more of us over the coming months.
In the meantime, I wish you a safe and healthy holiday season, a joyous New Year, and renewal in 2021!
Three cheers for you!